Lighting Your Home

Lighting is something many of us take for granted. But the lighting plan we use can have a big impact on the way we feel about living and relaxing at home.

Lighting can make all the difference between a room that feels airy and spacious, and one that seems dark and uninviting. We need to find the right blend between ambience and functionality.

Three Types Of Lighting

There are three types of lighting:

  1. General lighting – for overall illumination. Basic, ambient lighting is what replaces sunlight in our home.
  2. Task lighting – for specific tasks such as cooking, reading, hobbies and deskwork.
  3. Accent lighting – to create visual interest, such as picture lights, recessed lights and spotlights focusing on treasured possessions.

Room-By-Room Checklist

Hallway – chandeliers or down lights are great in halls and foyers. Installed with a dimmer they can provide instant sparkle or intimacy, depending on the required mood.

Family/lounge rooms – the lighting you choose should reflect how you use the room.

Wall mounted lights or ceiling fixtures are good sources of general light, but for a more relaxed feel you may also want to provide alternative mood lighting in the form of recessed lighting, complemented by reading lamps and lights to the side(s) of a TV screen. Also, pairs of lamps can create an attractive symmetry in the overall design of a room